PAFTAD - The Pacific Trade and Development Conference Series

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The Pacific Trade and Development (PAFTAD) Fellowship for Young Scholars is aimed at attracting emerging economists in the Asia Pacific region and to assist them in contributing to discussion of Asia Pacific economic policy and the work of PAFTAD. It is widely considered one of the most distinguished fellowships available to young researchers in the field.

In 2017, the PAFTAD International Steering Committee is looking for 5 aspiring researchers (generally current post-graduate students or university/research institute staff members apply, however this is not a requirement for selection) to present papers on themes related to Asia Pacific trade and economic development (see Honour Board below for previously successful submission topics).

The Young Fellows program will take place in the run-up to the 39th PAFTAD Conference, co-hosted with the Japan Center for Economic Research in Tokyo, Japan from 30 January-2 February 2018. This year’s conference theme is Growth, globalization, and intergenerational issues in the Asia Pacific.

2016 Young Fellows at the Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University in Canberra.

Submission requirements

  • Unpublished empirical paper on the themes related to Asia Pacific trade and economic development (see Honour Board below for previously selected topics).
  • 7000 to 10,000 words (including 300 word abstract).
  • Individual author.
  • Current résumé (including citizenship(s), date of birth and gender).
  • Aged 35 years or younger at 30 January 2018 (proof of age will be required if selected).
  • Be available to participate for the duration of the conference (30 January-2 February 2018).
  • Applicant has not previously been selected as a PAFTAD Young Fellow.

Due date

Paper and resume must be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 5pm (AEST), 27 October 2017.

Fellowship entitlements

  • Return economy airfare and transfers to Tokyo from home institution.
  • Registration for the Young Fellows seminar and PAFTAD conference.
  • Accommodation for the duration of the PAFTAD conference (30 January-2 February 2018).

Involvement in PAFTAD conference

  • Present your paper at the Young Fellows seminar (30 January 2018).
  • Act as a discussant on another Fellow’s paper (30 January 2018).
  • Attend and provide comment where possible on the papers presented during the PAFTAD conference (31 January-2 February 2018).

For more information please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


2010 Young Fellows at the China Center for Economic Research in Beijing.


PAFTAD38 - Australia
Dhir, Garima Do FTAs Boost Asian Countries’ Participation in Global Production Networks? Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research
Wang, Xin International Trade and Internal Migration with Labor Market Distortions: Theory and Evidence from China Peking University
Howell, Anthony A Structural Model of Indigenous Innovation and Catch-up for Developing Economies? Peking University
Thamarapani, Dhanushka Long-run Effects of the Yogyakarta Earthquake on Child Health Outcomes Clark University
Pagaduan, Jesson Banking Intermediation and Macroprudential Regulation in a DSGE Model of the Philippines with Financial-Real Linkages De La Salle University
Triggs, Adam Reducing Systemic Financial Risks in Asia through Greater Integration The Australian National University
PAFTAD37 - Singapore
Wang, Haobin Market Sensitivity to Global Financial Cycle: International Evidence and Implication for China's Capital Account Liberalization Yale University
Heng, Daniel Political and Cultural Determinants of Predictable Corruption Nanyang Technological University
Hubbard, Paul State Ownership and Returns to Capital in China: 2002-2004 and 2011 The Australian National University
Kabir, Shahriar Asian Currency Unit and ASEAN Trade Prospect: An Untold Story Monash University Malaysia
Li, Ran A Structural Investigation of the Chinese Economy with a Hybrid Monetary Policy Rule Peking University
Ayres, Steven Productive Evolution in Asia: Lessons from Recent History House of Commons Library
PAFTAD36 - Hong Kong
Cheng, Zhiming Compensating Wage and Income Differentials for Occupational Risk: Evidence fromMigrant Workers in China’s Pearl River Delta The University of Wollongong
Le, Thai Ha Trade openness, financial depth and economic growth: Causality evidence from Asian economies RMIT International University Vietnam
Ong, EeCheng Education and Labor Market Outcomes of Malaysia’s Affirmative Action Policies Brown University
Tang, Sarah Le The Dynamics of Capital Accumulation: Evidence from Chinese Industrial Plants Bradeis University
Wang, Jiao How Effective Is China’s Monetary Sterilization? The Australian National University
Zhou, Yixiao Investment of Chinese firms: does institutional quality matter? The Australian National University
PAFTAD35 - Canada
La-Bhus (Fah) Jirasavetakul Labour Markets in Models of Economic Development: Micro Empirical Evidence from Thailand University of Oxford
Patrick Doupe Ethnic diversity and village level institutions: evidence from Indonesia under dictatorship and democracy Australian National University
Luhang Wang Quality, Input Choices and Learning by Exporting: Evidence from Chinese Exporters University of Toronto
Tianran Dai The Impact of Young Cohort Size on Adult Educational Upgrading: Evidence from Population Control Policies in China Brown University
Duc Anh Dang Cooperation makes beliefs climate variation and sources of social Australian National University
Rong Zhu Economic Restructuring, Heterogeneous Returns to Schooling and the Evolution of Wage Inequality in Urban China Flinders University
PAFTAD34 - China
Tian, Wei Demography, urbanisation and capital accumulation in an open economy Peking University
Xin, Li Quantifying the impact of RMB appreciation by CGE model Peking University
Wang, (Yi) David Convertibility Restriction in China’s Foreign Exchange Market and its Impact on Forward Pricing Stanford University
Pua, Andrew Adrian Yu How Flexible are Wages Across Barangays? Exploring the Wage Curve Relationship in Pasay City De La Salle University
Posso, Alberto Have imports from China hurt workers in Asia? RMIT
Puzzello, Laura A Symmetry Hypothesis and Measurement Biases in the Factor Content of Trade Monash University
Pham, Thu Phuong Anonymity and Market Quality: Evidence from the Australian Securities Exchange University of Sydney
Li, Yuan Accountability in One-party Government: Rethinking the Success of Chinese Economic Reform Catholic University of the Sacred Heart
Le, Huong The Gender Wage Gap in the Vietnamese Transition, 1993 – 2008 Australian National University
PAFTAD33 - Taiwan
Yamashita, Nobuaki US and Japanese FDI and Production Networks in Asia La Trobe University
Shen, I-Ling Brain drain in globalization: A general equilibrium analysis from the sending countries’ perspective University of Geneva
Posso, Alberto Remittance and labour supply: Evidence from sixty-six developing nations RMIT
Ouyang, Puman Economic Growth, Industrial Development and the Inter-Regional Spillover Effect of Foreign Direct Investment Evidence from China Syracuse University
Nguyen, Ha Monetary transfers from children and the labour supply of elderly parents: theory and evidence from Vietnam Australian National University
Chu, Angus Macroeconomic Effects of Intellectual Property Rights: A Survey Academia Sinica
Chao, Hang APEC: Challenges and Tasks for the 21st Century Taiwan Institute of Economic Research
Dinh, Huong Regulatory barriers to trade banking services Australian National University
Son, Vu Ba Determinants of multiple job holding in Vietnam, 1993-2004 Australian National University
PAFTAD32 - Vietnam
Armstrong, Shiro Japan-China trade potential Australian National University
Nguyen, Minh Cong The Impact of Economic Integration on Foreign Direct Investment Flows in East Asia American University
Cheong, David Has the ASEAN Investment Area (AIA) agreement had an impact on ASEAN FDI? Johns Hopkins University
Feng, Xiaobing Chinese RMB exchange rate and local currency price stability in ASEAN trade SUFE
Ing, Lili Yan Lower tariff, rising skill premium: Is it a coincidence? Australian National University
Nguyen, Hoa Bao The Impact of Economic Integration on Foreign Direct Investment Flows in East Asia Michigan State
Shi, Zhaoxing An empirical research on WTO's contribution to China's bilateral trade growth Shanghai Jiao Tong
Wei, Zhang Trade agreements under political pressures University of Adelaide

PAFTAD Young Fellows Honour Board