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Armstrong, Shiro and Tom Westland (eds) (2018) Asian Economic Integration in an Era of Global Uncertainty, ANU Press.

Hutchinson, Francis E and Sanchita Basu Das (eds) (2016) Asia and the Middle-Income Trap, Routledge.

  1. Asia and the middle-income trap: an overview – Francis E Hutchinson and Sanchita Basu Das
  2. The middle-income trap turns 10 – Indermit Gill and Homi Kharas
  3. Resilience and escaping development traps: lessons for Asian-Pacific economies – Alla Myrvoda, Malhar Nabar and Changyong Rhee
  4. Can China rise to high income? – Yiping Huang
  5. Is Indonesia trapped in the middle? – Haryo Aswicahyono and Hal Hill
  6. India: escaping low-income traps and averting middle-income ones – Shekhar Shah and Rajesh Chadha
  7. Institutional quality and growth traps – David Dollar
  8. Avoiding ‘Tiger’ traps: how human capital can propel countries beyond middle-income status in East Asia – Emmanuel Jimenez and Elizabeth M King
  9. Escaping the middle-income trap: trade, investment and innovation – Shiro Armstrong and Tom Westland

Chen, Edward K Y and Wendy Dobson (eds) (2015) Financial Development and Cooperation in Asia and the Pacific, Routledge.

    Available for purchase at Routledge.

  1. Introduction: Financial development in Asia — work in progress – Wendy Dobson and Edward K Y Chen
  2. Financial development and economic growth: the long view – Barry Eichengreen
  3. Is Basel III enough for macroprudential policy in Asia and the Pacific? – Robert N McCauley
  4. Capital market development in the Asia–Pacific region – Andrew Sheng
  5. Monetary policy in Asia and the Pacific in the post-, post-crisis era – Hiro Ito
  6. The Chiang Mai Initiative and the future of East Asian regional macroeconomic and financial cooperation – Reza Y Siregar and Keita Miyaki
  7. Financial development in Asia: beyond aggregate indicators – Tatiana Didier and Sergio L Schmukler
  8. China’s capital account liberalization – Yu Yongding
  9. Use of national currencies for trade settlement in East Asia: a proposal – Il Houng Lee and Yung Chul Park

Wendy Dobson (ed.) (2013) Human Capital Formation and Economic Growth in Asia and the Pacific, Routledge.

    Available for purchase at Routledge.

  1. Human capital formation and growth: microeconomic dimensions – Wendy Dobson and Muhammad Umar Boodoo
  2. The skills of ‘Tigers’ – Emmanuel Jimenez and Elizabeth M King
  3. Investment in human capital accumulation and growth: analyzing policy effectiveness – Been-Lon Chen
  4. Human capital in Japan’s demographic transition: implications for other Asian countries – Naohiro Yashiro
  5. Higher education financing ad inequality: the critical role of student loan scheme design — illustrations from Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand – Bruce Chapman
  6. The changing demand for human capital at China’s new stage of development – Cai Fang and Du Yang
  7. Human capital and Indonesia’s economic development – Umbu Reku Raya and Daniel Suryadarma
  8. Human capital development and economic growth in Malaysia and Thailand: stuck in the middle? – Emmanuel Jimenez, Vy T Nguyen and Harry Anthony Patrinos
  9. Knowledge diffusion through good knowledge governance: the case of Singapore’s marine cluster – Thomas Menkhoff and Hans-Dieter Evans
  10. The quest for foreign skills: international recruitment strategies in the Asia-Pacific region – Kang Qing Zhang, Evelyn Chan, Charles Labrecque, Heather Kincaide and Mikhail Iturralde
  11. Regional cooperation in education: issues for developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region – Josef T Yap

Huang, Yiping and Miaojie Yu (eds) (2012) China’s New Role in the World Economy, Routledge.

    Available for purchase at Routledge.

  1. Introduction – Yiping Huang
  2. China’s rapid growth and development: a historical and international context – Ligang Song
  3. Double transition and China’s export-led growth – Yang Yao
  4. Understanding changing trends in Chinese wages – Cai Fang, Wang Meiyan and Du Yang
  5. Climate change mitigation: a defining challenge for China – Stephen Howes
  6. Financial reform and economic development in China – Yiping Huang and Xun Wang
  7. Capital account liberalization and the role of the renminbi – Nicholas Lardy and Patrick Douglass
  8. Chinese trade policy after ten years in the World Trade Organization: a post-crisis stocktake – Razeen Sally
  9. Issues and options for social security reform in China – Li Shi
  10. Chinese outward direct investment: is there a China model? – Yiping Huang and Bijun Wang
  11. History matters: China and global governance – Wendy Dobson

Armstrong, Shiro (ed.) (2011) The Politics and the Economics of Integration and Asia and the Pacific, Routledge.

    Available for purchase at Routledge.

  1. Overview and issues – Shiro Armstrong
  2. Beyond the golden era: Asia Pacific cooperation after the global financial crisis – Peter A Petri
  3. Regional economic integration in Asia: the track record and prospects – Razeen Sally
  4. The influence of economics and politics on the structure of world trade and investment flows – Shiro Armstrong and Peter Drysdale
  5. Investment, production and trade networks as drivers of East Asian integration- Ralph Paprzycki and Keiko Ito
  6. Trade potential between mainland China and Taiwan – Xinpeng Xu and Yu Sheng
  7. The varying fortunes of ASEAN economic integration: what does the historical experience reveal? – Helen E S Nesadurai
  8. Managing deeper integration in Asia and the Pacific – Haryo Aswicahyono

Armstrong, Shiro and Vo Tri Thanh (eds) (2011) International Institutions and Asian Development, Routledge.

    Available for purchase at Routledge.

  1. Overview and issues – Shiro Armstrong
  2. International public goods – Richard N Cooper
  3. Making the international system work for the platinum age of Asian growth – Ross Garnaut
  4. Effects of GATT/WTO on Asia’s trade performance – Will Martin, Kym Anderson and Cong S Pham
  5. The IMF and East Asia: the legacy of the crisis and actions for the future – Shinji Takagi
  6. The World Bank in the East Asia and Pacific region: past performance and future directions – Amar Bhattacharya
  7. The evolution of the World Bank and its implications for the Asian Development Bank – David Vines
  8. China’s foreign trade, WTO accession and institutional quality – Miaojie Yu
  9. Vietnam one year after WTO accession: a review of existing studies and a preliminary assessment- Doan Hoang Quang and Vo Tri Thanh
  10. APEC: origins, rationale, evolution, achievements and potential – Andrew Elek and Hadi Soesastro
  11. Regional and international cooperation architecture as public goods – Peter Drysdale and Shiro Armstrong

Palacios, Juan J (ed.) (2008) Multinational Corporations and the Emerging Network Economy in Asia and the Pacific, Routledge.

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  1. Multinational corporations and the economy of networks: an overview – Juan J Palacios
  2. Eras of enterprise globalisation: from vertical integration to virtualisation and beyond – Sandor Boyson and Chaodong Han
  3. Innovation offshoring: root causes of Asia’s rise and policy implications – Dieter Ernst
  4. Information and communication technologies and inter-corporate production networks: global information technology and local guanxi in the Taiwanese personal computer industry – Kenneth L Kraemer, Jason Dedrick, William Foster and Zhang Cheng
  5. The creation of regional production networks in Asia Pacific: the case of Japanese multinational corporations – Shujiro Urata
  6. The internationalisation of firm activities and its economic impacts: the case of South Korea – Sanghoon Ahn, Siwook Lee and Cheonsik Woo
  7. The rise of Mexican multinationals: driving forces and limiting factors – Victor Lopez Villafane and Clemente Ruiz Duran
  8. Emerging transnational corporations from East Asia: the case of mainland China – Edward K Y Chen and Ping Lin
  9. Multinational production networks and the new geo-economic division of labour in Pacific Rim countries – Prema-chandra Athukorala
  10. Multinational corporations and Pacific regionalism – Philippa Dee
  11. Governing multinational corporations in the Pacific – Robert Scollay
  12. Corporate social responsibility and capital accumulation – Djisman Simanjuntak

Petri, Peter A and Sumner J La Croix (eds) (2007) Challenges to the Global Trading System, Routledge.

    Available for purchase at Routledge.

  1. New challenges to the global trading system – Sumner J La Croix and Peter A Petri
  2. The challenge of policy in the era of globalization – Supachai Panitchpakdi
  3. Globalization fatigue, not globalization backlash – Douglas A Irwin
  4. The emergence of ‘intra-mediate trade’: implications for the Asia-Pacific region – Yumiko Okamoto
  5. The political economy of the proliferation of FTAs – Yung Chul Park, Shujiro Urata and Inkyo Cheong
  6. US trade policy towards China: discrimination and its implications – Chad P Bown and Rachel McCulloch
  7. Does trade lead to a race to the bottom in environmental standards? Another look at the issues – Erlinda M Medalla and Dorothea C Lazaro
  8. What’s new about outsourcing? – Justin Yifu Lin and Ying-Yi Tsai
  9. Have developing countries gained from the marriage between trade agreements and intellectual property rights? – Sumner J La Croix and Denise Eby Konan
  10. Economic interpendence and security in the Asia Pacific – Rong-I Wu, Chyuan-Jenq Shiau and Chi-Chen Chiang
  11. Practitioner’s perspectives on trade and development – Mari Pangestu
  12. US trade strategy and the Asia-Pacific region – Lisa Coen
  13. Balancing regional and multilateral commitments: the case of Iceland – Geir H Haarde
  14. Globalization and politics – Doug Bereuter
  15. New dimensions of globalization – Narongchai Akrasanee
  16. California: a microcosm of Pacific Rim trade issues – Richard M Rosenberg
  17. Globalization at the University of Hawaii – David McClain
  18. Competition and fairness in the execution of globalization – Arthur L Goldstein
  19. International opportunities and national choices – Pang Eng Fong
  20. Adverse trends in trade negotiations – Peter Drysdale
  21. Sustaining the multilateral trading system – Hugh Patrick
  22. Adjustment, compensation and contingent protection – Peter A Petri
  23. First- and second-order adjustments to globalization – Hadi Soesastro
  24. Managing adjustments to globalization – Kim Song Tan

Findlay, Christopher and Hadi Soesastro (eds) (2006) Reshaping the Asia Pacific Economic Order, Routledge.

    Available for purchase at Routledge.

  1. Peter Drysdale and PAFTAD – Ross Garnaut and Hugh Patrick
  2. Overview – Hadi Soesastro and Christopher Findlay
  3. The international trade order: cooperation for economic development – Bernard Hoekman
  4. Truncated globalisation: the fate of the Asia Pacific economies? – Ross Garnaut and Ligang Song
  5. Asia Pacific economies and the Doha Development Agenda – Bijit Bora and Muhammad Chatib Basri
  6. APEC in the emerging international economic order: lame duck or catalyst? – Andrew Elek
  7. Rise of East Asian regionalism – Chia Siow Yue and Mari Pangestu
  8. The Free Trade Area of the Americas: how deep an integration in the Western Hemisphere? – Gary Clyde Hufbauer and Sherry Stephenson
  9. East Asian regionalism — undermining or underpinning Asia Pacific integration? – Robert Scollay
  10. The rise of services trade: regional initiatives and challenges for the WTO – Philippa Dee and Alexandra Sidorenko
  11. The movement of people in the Asia Pacific region – Mei Ling Sieh Lee and Fon Sim Ong
  12. Asia Pacific regional architecture and financial market integration – Wendy Dobson
  13. Politico-strategic dimensions of economic cooperation in the Asia Pacific – Andrew MacIntyre and Hadi Soesastro

Medalla, Erlinda M (ed.) (2005) Competition Policy in East Asia, Routledge.

    Available for purchase at Routledge.

  1. Perspectives on competition policy: an overview of the issues – Erlinda M Medalla
  2. The evolution of competition law in East Asia – Ping Lin
  3. Implementing an effective competition policy: skills and synergies – Rod Shogren
  4. Competition policy, economic development and the possible role of a multilateral framework on competition policy: insights from the WTO working group on trade and competition policy- Robert Anderson and Frederic Jenny
  5. Competition in electricity markets – Maria Fe Villamejor-Mendoza
  6. Telecommunications – Christopher Findlay, Roy Chun Lee, Alexandra Sidorenko and Mari Pangestu
  7. The airline industry – Ralph Huenemann and Anming Zhang
  8. The shipping industry – Deunden Nikomborirak
  9. The insurance industry – Melanie S Milo
  10. The interaction between contract and competition law- Lewis Evans and Neil Quigley
  11. Regional cooperation in competition policy – David K Round

Drysdale, Peter (ed.) (2004) The New Economy in East Asia and the Pacific, Routledge Curzon.

    Available for purchase at Routledge.

  1. The new economy in Asia and the Pacific: an overview – Peter Drysdale
  2. What’s new in the new economy? – Richard N Cooper
  3. The new economy: theory and measurement – Richard G Lipsey
  4. Telecommunications policy and the evolution of the internet – Robert W Crandall
  5. Factors affecting growth in the region: R&D and productivity – Shandre M Thangavelu and Toh Mun Heng
  6. Beyond Silicon Valley: the regional spread of innovation – Juan J Palacios
  7. The Indian experience – Mangesh G Korgaonker
  8. The Chinese experience – Dong Yuntin
  9. The Taiwanese experience: impact on production and trade – Sheng-Cheng Hu and Vei-Lin Chan
  10. Corporate strategies in information technology firms – Yasunori Baba and F Ted Tschang
  11. Intellectual property protection and capital markets in the new economy – Keith E Maskus
  12. A force for market competition or market power? – Lewis Evans
  13. Internet providers: an industry study – Haryo Aswicahyono, Titik Anas and Dionisius Ardiyanto
  14. Automobiles: an industry study – Roger Farrell and Christopher Findlay
  15. The digital divide in East Asia – Emmanuel C Lallana
  16. E-commerce: the work program of the World Trade Organization – Edsel T Custodio
  17. Implications for APEC – Mari Pangestu and Sung-Hoon Park

Lee, Kyung Tae (ed.) (2002) Globalization and the Asia Pacific Economy, Routledge.

    Available for purchase at Routledge.

  1. Introduction – Kyung Tae Lee
  2. Globalization: historical perspectives and prospects – Rachel McCulloch
  3. Coping with globalization and financial crisis: rethinking East Asian strategies – Hiwhoa Moon
  4. Engines of globalization: big and small multinational enterprises in the global era – Shujiro Urata
  5. Social consequences of the East Asian economic crisis: a case of globalization gone wrong – Medhi Krongkaew
  6. The potential role of foreign direct investment in Indonesia’s recovery – Mari Pangestu
  7. Foreign exchange market liberalization policies in South Korea: past assessment and future options – Woo Sik Moon and Yeong Seop Rhee
  8. Capital flows and capital controls: the Malaysian experience – Latifah Merican Cheong
  9. Performance of East Asian corporations before and after the crisis – Stijn Claessens, Simeon Djankov and Lixin Colin Xu
  10. Risks of financial liberalization and reform for financial stability – Bhanupong Nidhiprabha
  11. Integrating financial markets in East Asia – Gordon de Brouwer
  12. Managing small open economies: exchange rate systems and real sector shocks – Arthur Grimes
  13. Impacts of globalization on China: an assessment of China’s reforms and liberalization – He Liping
  14. Evaluation of changes in the corporate governance system of South Korean chaebols – Sung Wook Joh and Sang Dai Ryoo
  15. Globalization on the rocks – Peter A Petri
  16. A quest for a new international financial architecture: an Asia Pacific perspective – Akira Kohsaka
  17. East Asian integration as a determinant of the international economic architecture – Wendy Dobson

Yamazawa, Ippei (ed.) (2000) Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Routledge.

  1. Introduction — APEC ideas and reality: history and prospects – Ross Garnaut
  2. Macroeconomic interdependence in the APEC region – Akira Kohsaka
  3. Trade and investment liberalisation and facilitation – Ippei Yamazawa and Shujiro Urata
  4. APEC and the millennium round – Peter A Petri
  5. APEC’s relationship with its sub-regional trading arrangements – Mahani Zainal-Abidin
  6. Liberalisation of manufacturing sectors: the automobile industry in China – Ralph W Huenemann
  7. Malaysia’s telecommunications services: liberalisation within APEC – Sieh Lee Mei Ling and Loke Wai Heng
  8. Liberalisation of the rice sector in Japan, Korea and Taiwan – Tsu-Tan Fu
  9. Ecotech at the heart of APEC: capacity-building in the Asia Pacific – Andrew Elek and Hadi Soesastro
  10. Competition and deregulation policy areas in APEC – Kerrin M Vaultier and Peter Lloyd
  11. Application of CGE modelling to analysis of environmental measures in APEC – Kanemi Ban
  12. APEC as an international institution – Vinod K Aggarwal and Charles E Morrison
  13. Summary and recommendations – Ippei Yamazawa, Peter Drysdale and Hadi Soesastro

de Brouwer, Gordon with Wisarn Pupphavesa (eds) (1999) Asia Pacific Financial Deregulation, Routledge.

  1. Introduction – Gordon de Brouwer
  2. Volatility and contagion in a financially integrated world: lessons from East Asia’s recent experience – Pedro Alba, Amar Bhattacharya, Stijn Claessens, Swati Ghosh and Leonardo Hernandez
  3. Financial crises and the prudential regulation of financial institutions – Jia-Dong Shea and David C Y Sun
  4. Evolving patterns of capital flows and the East Asian economic crisis – Masahiro Kawai
  5. The development of Asian equity markets – Matthew Field and Don Hanna
  6. Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore as competing financial centres – Manuel F Montes
  7. Changes in corporate governance structure in Indonesia – Farid Harianto and Mari E Pangestu
  8. Development in Chinese corporate finance and its implication for ownership reform – Weiying Zhang
  9. Financial reform and its impact on corporate organisation in Korea – Sang Yong Park
  10. Financial fragility in Japan – Akiyoshi Horiuchi
  11. Reform of Australian and New Zealand financial markets – Kevin Davis
  12. Thailand’s financial reforms: problems and prospects – Chaipat Sahasakul
  13. Asia Pacific financial liberalisation and reform – Gordon de Brouwer

Wu, Rong-I and Yun-Peng Chu (eds) (1999) Business, Markets and Government in the Asia Pacific, Routledge.

  1. Introduction – Rong-I Wu and Yun-Peng Chu
  2. Business networks in East Asia: diversity and evolution – Wendy Dobson
  3. Markets, competition and restructuring in the 1990s – Peter A Petri
  4. State intervention, ownership and state enterprise reform in China – Justin Yifu Lin
  5. The evolution of competition policy: lessons from comparative experience – Michael J Trebilcock
  6. The convergence of competition law within APEC and the CER agreement – Alan Bollard and Kerrin M Vautier
  7. Competition policy in APEC: principles of harmonisation – P J Lloyd
  8. Trade and competition policy – Rong-I Wu and Yun-Peng Chu
  9. Competition regulation and policy in Thailand – Wisarn Pupphavesa
  10. Policy approaches to economic deregulation and regulatory reform – Merit E Janow
  11. Telecommunications and privatisation in Asia – John Ure and Araya Vivorakij
  12. Japan’s air transport policy at a crossroad – Ushio Chujoh and Hirotaka Yamauchi
  13. Power sector reform in Malaysia: privatisation and regulation – G Naidu
  14. Liberalisation and privatisation of the Thai power sector: issues and perspectives – Thiraphong Vikitset
  15. Summary of discussion – Heather Smith

English, H Edward and David Runnalls (eds) (1997) Environment and Development in the Pacific: Problems and Policy Options, Addison-Wesley Longman.

  1. Overview – H Edward English and Ramesh Chaitoo
  2. Economic implications of greenhouse gas policy – Warwick J McKibbin and Peter J Wilcoxen
  3. Asia Pacific cooperation in energy and the environment – Ippei Yamazawa, Shin’ichi Nakayama and Hideaki Kitamura
  4. Forestry and the environment in China – Runsheng Yin
  5. Sharing the benefits and costs of forest conservation – Mingsarn Kaosa-ard
  6. Fishery resources of the Pacific and international cooperation – Gordon R Munro
  7. Economic issues in solid waste management in Asia: the case of Metropolitan Manila – Nimfa Mendoza and Florian Alburo
  8. Transboundary pollution of the Yellow Sea – Sang-Gon Lee
  9. Environmental policies and waste disposal in Taiwan – Chung-Huang Huang
  10. Economic and regulatory policy instruments in developing countries – Victor L Urquidi
  11. The scope for multilateral institutions – David Robertson
  12. Financing sustainable development – Eugenio Figueroa
  13. A future policy agenda for APEC and priorities for economists – David Runnalls

Chen, Edward K Y and Peter Drysdale (eds) (1995) Corporate Links and Foreign Direct Investment in Asia and the Pacific, Harper Educational.

  1. Introduction and overview – Hadi Soesastro
  2. Growth and decline in multinational enterprises: from equilibrium models to turnover processes – Richard E Caves
  3. The interdependence of trade and investment in the Pacific – Peter A Petri
  4. Subregional economic integration: Hong Kong, Taiwan, South China and beyond – Yun-Wing Sung
  5. Chinese capitalism in Thailand: embedded networks and industrial structure – Gary G Hamilton and Tony Waters
  6. On the causes of low levels of FDI in Japan – Ryuhei Wakasugi
  7. Japan’s low levels of inward direct investment: causes, consequences and remedies – Mark Mason
  8. Multinational corporations and technology transfer in Penang and Guadalajara – Juan J Palacios
  9. A study of the operations of Japanese firms in Asia: the electrical machinery industry – Motoshige Itoh and Jun Shibata
  10. Technological change, foreign investment and the new strategic thrust of Japanese firms in the Asia Pacific – Denis Fred Simon and Yongwook Jun
  11. The international procurement and sales behaviour of multinational enterprises – Chia Siow Yue
  12. Direct investment in low-wage and high-wage countries: the case of Taiwan – Tain-Jy Chen, Ying-Hua Ku and Meng-Chun Liu
  13. Summary of Discussion – Gordon de Brouwer

Bergsten, C Fred and Marcus Nolan (eds) (1993) Pacific Dynamism and the International Economic System, Institute for International Economics.

  1. Introduction and Overview – C Fred Bergsten and Marcus Noland
  2. Global Trade Flows: Old Structures, New Issues, Empirical Evidence – Richard J Grant, Maria C Papadakis and J David Richardson
  3. The Uruguay Round and the GATT: Whither the Global System? – John Whalley
  4. Globalism and Regionalism: Complements or Competitors? – Soogil Young
  5. The Existing Bloc Expanded? The European Community, EFTA, and Eastern Europe – Per Magnus Wijkman
  6. NAFTA and Pacific Partnership: Advancing Multilateralism? – H Edward English and Murray G Smith
  7. The Pacific: An Application of a General Theory of Economic Integration – Peter Drysdale and Ross Garnaut
  8. Subregional Economic Zones: A New Motive Force in Asia-Pacific Development – Chia Siow Yue and Lee Tsao Yuan
  9. Changing Patterns of Direct Investment and the Implications for Trade and Development – Shujiro Urata
  10. The Yen and the International Monetary System – Takatoshi Ito
  11. Human Capital Flows – Glenn A Withers
  12. Economic Growth, Environmental Issues, and Trade – Kym Anderson
  13. Implications of the Post-Cold War Politico-Security Environment on the Pacific Economy – Hadi Soesastro

Garnaut, Ross and Liu Guoguang (eds) (1992) Economic Reform and Internationalisation: China and the Pacific Region, Allen and Unwin.

  1. Introduction – Ross Garnaut
  2. China’s reforms in an international context – Ross Garnaut
  3. The ‘open policies’ and internationalisation – Wang Jianmin
  4. China’s economic reform and development: historical review and future prospects – Lu Zheng
  5. Surrounding the cities from the countryside – Christopher Findlay and Andrew Watson
  6. Rural reform and development – Justin Yifu Lin
  7. Agricultural reform and development in Asia: a comparative perspective – Keijiro Otsuka
  8. Regional development in the reform period – Hiroyuki Kato
  9. The open-door strategies: an outside perspective – Nicholas R Lardy
  10. The economic integration of Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea with the mainland of China – Yun-Wing Sung
  11. The pattern of Korea’s foreign direct investment: implications for the internationalisation of China’s economy – Yongwook Jun and Denis Fred Simon
  12. Comparative experience of financial reform in Taiwan and Korea: implications for the mainland of China – Jia-Dong Shea and Tzung-Ta Yen
  13. Adjustment policies of small open economies: the experience of Indonesia – Sjahrir and Mari Pangestu
  14. A European perspective on Asia-Pacific leadership: implications for Japanese and US foreign economic policy – Ulrich Hiemenz
  15. Soviet and East European economies in transition: implications for China and the Pacific region – Carl McMillan
  16. An overview – Alan Bollard
  17. Summary of discussion – Stephen Howes

Ariff, Mohamed (ed.) (1991) The Pacific Economy: Growth and External Stability, Allen and Unwin.

  1. Introduction – Mohamed Ariff
  2. Economic stability and growth in the Pacific: an overview – Ross Garnaut
  3. Pacific growth and macroeconomic performance: models and issues – Anne O Krueger
  4. The United States in the world economy – Barry P Bosworth
  5. The Japanese economy and Pacific development – Heizo Takenaka
  6. The current account and economic policy: the Australian experience in the 1980s – R G Gregory
  7. Macroeconomic management in the ASEAN countries – Mari Pangestu
  8. Exchange rate regimes and practices: Malaysian perspectives – Lin See Yan
  9. Resource gaps and external financing in the Asia-Pacific countries – Manuel F Montes
  10. Commodity trends and policy responses with reference to the Pacific – Ronald C Duncan
  11. Evolving patterns of comparative advantage in the Pacific economies – Ippei Yamazawa, Akira Hirata and Kazuhiko Yokota
  12. The Pacific and the world economy: inter-relations – Lawrence B Krause and Mark Sundberg
  13. The role of multilateralism and regionalism: a Pacific perspective – H Edward English and Murray G Smith

Soesastro, Hadi and Mari Pangestu (eds) (1990) Technological Challenge in the Asia-Pacific Economy, Allen and Unwin.

  1. Trade transformation and technology transfer – Ben Smith and James Jordan
  2. Technology and changing comparative advantage in the Pacific region – Paul Krugman
  3. Acquiring technology – Richard R Nelson
  4. The electronics industry – Edward K Y Chen
  5. The information industry – Ken-ichi Imai
  6. Robotics technology – Kenneth Flamm
  7. Technology policy in Japan – Shuji Tamura and Shujiro Urata
  8. Korea: the acquisition of technology – Linsu Kim
  9. China: the bargaining game – Susan L Shirk
  10. China: policies for technology import – Ding Jing Ping
  11. Indonesia: technology transfer in the manufacturing industry – Thee Kian Wie
  12. Malaysia: the technological factor – Fong Chan Onn
  13. Singapore: the information technology sector – Chew Soon Beng
  14. Canada: technology and competitiveness – Steven Globerman
  15. New Zealand: technology and development – Alan Bollard
  16. Summary of chapters and discussions – Hadi Soesastro, Mari Pangestu and David McKendrick

Castle, Leslie and Christopher Findlay (eds) (1988) Pacific Trade in Services, Allen and Unwin.

  1. Introduction – Leslie V Castle and Christopher Findlay
  2. The service sector in economic structure and in international transactions – Robert M Stern and Bernard M Hoekman
  3. Issues in international transactions in services – Frank Holmes
  4. Prospects for liberalising services trade – Richard H Snape
  5. Trade in air transport and tourism services – Christopher Findlay and Peter Forsyth
  6. Trade and investment in shipping services – Chia Lin Sien and Keith Trace
  7. Liberalisation of trade in financial services – Kazumasa Iwata
  8. A theoretical and empirical analysis of entrepot trade: Hong Kong, Singapore and their roles in China’s trade – Yun-wing Sung
  9. Telecommunication and information services: Japan’s recent experience – Yoko Sazanami
  10. Korea’s overseas construction services – Hak-Yong Rhee
  11. Survey of issues and review – Richard Cooper

Mutoh, Hiromuchi, Sueo Sekiguchi, Kotaro Suzumura and Ippei Yamazawa (eds) (1986) Industrial Policies for Pacific Economic Growth, Allen and Unwin.

  1. Overview – R G Gregory
  2. The economic analysis of industrial policy: a conceptual framework through the Japanese experience – Masahiro Okuno and Kotaro Suzumura
  3. Industrial policy and trade policy: a framework – Richard E Caves
  4. Industrial policy: the Canadian case – H Edward English and Donald G McFetridge
  5. Industrial policies and performance in ASEAN’s ‘big four’- Mohamed Ariff and Hal Hill
  6. The industrial policy of Taiwan – Kuo-shu Liang and Ching-ing Hou Liang
  7. Industrial policy in the United States and Europe: economic principles and political practices – Robert Lawrence
  8. Industrial policy in Japan – Masu Uekusa and Hideki Ide
  9. Structural adjustments in the textile and clothing industries – P J Lloyd
  10. The United States automobile industry: a case study of a de facto industrial policy – Lawrence J White
  11. Changing comparative advantage and trade and adjustment policies in the steel industry – Chong Hyun Nam
  12. Industrial policy for petrochemicals in selected Pacific Basin countries – Ai Tee Koh
  13. Industrial cooperation in ASEAN – R B Suhartono
  14. China’s economic development and policy – Mu Yang
  15. Summary of chapters and discussion – David Hughes, James Jordan, Frances McCall, Hiromichi Mutoh, Sueo Sekiguchi, Kotaro Suzumura and Ippei Yamazawa

Tan, Augustine H H and Basant Kapur (eds) (1986) Pacific Growth and Financial Interdependence, Allen and Unwin.

  1. Introduction — summary of chapters and discussion – Augustine H H Tan and Basant Kapur
  2. Financial development in the Pacific Basin market economies – Tsao Yuan
  3. The development of equity and bond markets in the Pacific region – Peter J Drake
  4. ASEAN: financial development and interdependence – Lin See-Yan
  5. Modelling of financial markets in Thailand – David C Cole, Supote Chunanuntathum and Chesada Loohawenchit
  6. Financing export-oriented growth in Korea – Wontack Hong and Yung Chul Park
  7. The internationalisation of banking – John Hewson
  8. Developing Asian financial centres – Lee Sheng Yi
  9. The internationalisation of Tokyo’s financial markets – Eisuke Sakakibara
  10. Trade in financial services; its nature, causes, growth prospects and social effects – Herbert G Grubel
  11. Recent US–Japan financial interactions under flexible exchange rates – Masaru Yoshitomi
  12. Trade and financial interdependence under flexible exchange rates – Jorge Braga de Macedo
  13. External shocks, policy responses and external debt of Asian developing countries – Seiji Naya and William James
  14. Issues and perspectives: an overview of banking regulation and monetary control – Ronald I McKinnon

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