Working Papers

ID Date Paper
YF39-06 2018 Exchange Rate Pass-through: Evidence from India’s Manufacturing ImportsLakshmi Aerath
YF39-05 2018 Does Education Increase Women’s Labor Force Participation in the Philippines?Hannah Hassani
YF39-04 2018 The Role of the Media in Shaping Perceptions of Inequality: The Case of IndonesiaChristopher Hoy
YF39-03 2018 Technical Change, Political Leaders and Foreign EducationAhmed Skali
YF39-02 2018 A Structural Model of Export Destination DynamicsKai Li
YF39-01 2018 Dynamic Trade, Education and Intergenerational InequalityHan Yang
YF37-06 2015 Productive Evolution in Asia: Lessons from recent historySteven Ayres
YF37-05 2015 A Structural Investigation of the Chinese Economy
with a Hybrid Monetary Policy Rule
Ran Li & Jiao Wang
YF37-04 2015 Asian Currency Unit and ASEAN Trade ProspectShariar Kabir
YF37-03 2015 State Ownership and Returns to Capital in China: 2002-2004 and 2011Paul Hubbard
YF37-02 2015 Political and Cultural Determinants of Predictable CorruptionDaniel Heng
YF37-01 2015 Market Sensitivity to Global Financial Cycle: International evidence and implication for China’s capital account liberalizationHaobin Wang
YF36-06 2013 Compensating Wage and Income Differentials for Occupational Risk: Evidence from Migrant Workers in China’s Pearl River DeltaZhiming Cheng
YF36-05 2013 Affirmative Action and Sector Selection: Malaysia’s New Economic PolicyEeCheng Ong
YF36-04 2013 The Dynamics of Investment: Public vs. private plants in ChinaSarah Le Tang
YF36-03 2013 R&D Investment of Chinese Firms: Does institutional quality matter?Yixiao Zhou
YF36-02 2013 Trade Openness, Financial Depth and Economic Growth: Causality evidence from Asian and the Pacific economiesThai-Ha Le
YF36-01 2013 How Effective Is China’s Monetary Sterilization?Jiao Wang
YF35-06 2012 Cooperation Makes Beliefs: Climate variation and sources of social trust in VietnamAnh Duc Dang
YF35-05 2012 Economic Restructuring, Heterogeneous Returns to Schooling and the Evolution of Wage Inequality in Urban ChinaRong Zhu
YF35-04 2012 Labour Markets in Models of Economic Development: Micro empirical evidence from ThailandLa-Bhus Fah Jirasavetakul
YF35-02 2012 Quality, Input Choices and Learning by Exporting: Evidence from Chinese exportersLuhang Wang
YF35-01 2012 Village-level Institutional Change and Ethnic Majorities: Evidence from decentralising Indonesia Patrick Doupé