Pacific Trade and Development, II
The Japan Economic Research Center, 1969

Table of contents

  1. The North-South Problem in the World Economy and the Implications of UNCTAD 1968 – Harry G Johnson
  2. The Future Shape of US Trade Policy: Multilateral or Free Trade Approaches? – Sperry Lea
  3. A Re-estimation of the Effects of the Formation of a Pacific Area Free Trade Agreement – Bruce W Wilkinson
  4. Asian Developing Countries and PAFTA: Development, Aid and Trade Preferences
    Kiyoshi Kojima and Ippei Yamazawa
  5. Trade Policy: The Catalyst for Development – H Edward English
  6. Alternative Polciies in Trade Cooperation of the Advanced Pacific Countries in the Next Five Years – L V Castle
  7. Japan, Australia, New Zealand: The Prospect for Western Pacific Economic Integration
    Peter D Drysdale
  8. JANFTA and Asian Developing Countries: Sectoral Analysis – I A McDougall
  9. International Monetary Cooperation in Asia and the Far East – Robert Triffin
  10. The Role of Asian Development Bank in Economic Development in Asia – Masaru Fukuda
  11. Aid, Trade and Economic Development: The Experience of Taiwan and Korea
    Kuo-shu Liang
  12. Aid, Trade and Economic Development: The Experience of Indonesia – Subroto
  13. Economic Development and Regional Cooperation in Southeast Asia – Hiroshi Kitamura
  14. Summary of the Second Conference on Pacific Trade and Development – William Lockwood