Pacific Trade and Development
The Japan Economic Research Center, 1968

Table of contents

  1. Preface – Kiyoshi Kojima and Saburo Okita
  2. Canada and Pacific Trade Policy – H Edward English
  3. Canadian Trade, The Kennedy Round and a Pacific Free Trade Area – Bruce Wilkinson
  4. New Zealand Trade and Aid Policies in Relation to the Pacific and Asian Region
    L V Castle
  5. Japan’s Interest in the Pacific Trade Expansion – Kiyoshi Kojima
  6. Pacific Economic Integration: An Australian View – Peter Drysdale
  7. A New World Trade Policy in the Post-Kennedy Round Era
    Harry G Johnson
  8. The Agricultural Gap in the Pacific – Kenzo Hemmi
  9. Financial Aspects of Economic Corporation Around the Pacific – Richard N Cooper
  10. A Pacific Bank for Investment and Settlement:┬áIts Conception – Einosuke Ashiya
  11. US Aid Policies in Asia
    Gustav Ranis
  12. Japan’s Role in Asian Economic Development – Saburo Okita and Akira Ohnishi